Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Conservative Pledge

I will support the People's right to self-defense.

I will be devoted to the principle of blind justice.

I recognize the media for its bias, bullying and deception.

I will emphasize self-reliance and being able to keep the fruits of one's labor.

I will promote teaching self-help rather than dependence on government and others.

I will place conservative values and principles above personal desires, weaknesses, fears and regrets.

I will emphasize charity, with its unexpected benefits, rather than support compulsory tax-and-spend programs.

I will have a never-ending quest for the truth, despite obstacles based on emotion and personal experience and will spread such truths for the benefit of all.

I will give those in authority due respect, however, not to the extent of taking orders or assertions that are contrary to conservative values or moral logic.

I will emphasize humility and open-mindedness instead of the arrogant certainty about one's own views.

I will not simply complain, but rather will take practical action toward improving my situation.

I will use self-control as opposed to a self-indulgent search for instant gratification of desires.

I will downplay the significance of wealth, disparities in wealth and materialism in general.

I will recognize and utilize the benefits of competition and hard work in my daily life.

I understand that a rising tide lifts all boats, e.g. tax cuts benefit all.

I will recognize the power and liquidity of the free market.

I will emphasize self-restraint against hurtful activities.

I will reject the deification of government officials.

I will support those who prove frugal and efficient.

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